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About Me

Meet Muneeb !!
Founder of Munfa Design Studio

I am fortunate to be introduced to designing and creating spaces from a very young age as my father is a developer and he would take me around to the projects which he was developing. I fell in love with the process of transforming empty lands into full livable communities being occupied by people. I naturally fell towards architecture field and graduated as an architect. I love transforming spaces and giving them a unique spin. I have worked in the field, both as an architect and as an interior designer. Although i have graduated as an architect but i do have experience and knowledge in both. When it comes to design I always love to challenge myself and push my limits to change the way I think or design to bring something unique to the table.

I don't look at the scale of the project as a measure to decide to take on the job. Whether small or big, if it is something where i can add value and create a unique space, which is a perfect combination of my design wrapped around the needs of my client, i would love to work on it. While designing, i also look for saving cost and reducing waste to see my design built in a sustainable manner.

I love to transform empty spaces and would love the opportunity to work with you.

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In the world we live in, internet and technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives. The combination of both have brought the world together and made it possible to reach the farthest of people, just a click away. I have created this blog to share my ideas with the world and get to know more people. I love to meet new people and start a conversation on the latest trends and designs and also discuss their ideas and vision as every designer brings their own unique personality to their design. I have created this space not only to express my designs but also answer questions that you might have while deigning your space. I am happy to provide my services to you and help my clients create thoughtful spaces that empower them.

Please do get in touch for more details.

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