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Life in Dubai

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Dubai is a very new city, just 50 years back all you could see was desert and barren land. Today it’s a thriving metropolis and at the forefront of many fields in the world.

Dubai is full of iconic buildings and structures that will just blow your mind and inspire you to create and think out of the box. Dubai is famous for manmade marvelous structures, from the man-made island, “Palm Jumeirah” to the only 7-star hotel in the world, “Burj Al Arab” and the world’s tallest building, “Burj Khalifa”. These are just few prime examples, but this city is full of manmade wonders.

Living in Dubai provides me inspiration every single day as it is full of iconic places and amazing people who respect each other. It is a perfect example of a thriving economy and a place to grow with people from all over the world with different cultures and backgrounds.

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